About these BCF Lessons

Several years ago while looking for prison ministry teaching material, we discovered Prison Mission Association. They had received these Bible Lessons from Berean Bible Institute, a Bible college in Slinger, Wisconsin. After calling Prison Mission Association, and explaining what we were doing they gave me permission to use them for this ministry.

The best part about these lesson (with a little adjustment) is that they work well across all major Bible versions. This is significant because the majority of the questions answers come directly from Scripture. Ninety percent of our students are using either; NKJV, NLT, ESV, NIV, or KJV.

A good example question would be:
In John 6:67-69, Who was Jesus according to Peter in verse 69?
All five of the versions mentioned say the same thing, but use a little different wording.

With each lessons, we mail back is a “sign-up” card that the student can give to a friend who may want to get involved (this is where the majority of our growth has come from). We award a half-way point “Certificate” after 13 lessons, as well as a “Certificate of Completion” after all 26 lessons are completed.

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