Explanation Articles

These articles are meant as a way to better explain a question. If you can tell that a student is struggling with an answer to a question, or misses the answers, look and see if we have an article that is related to that question.

Print out the article to mail back with the lesson, next to that question write something like: Take a look at the article I’m sending you on this question, let me know what you think.
By using this type wording, we open up discussion instead of correcting.

If you find any articles that would be a good fit for a question in one of the lessons, please submit them to us. Try and keep it short, one page or less, using 14-point type.

CLICK on any of the article titles below to view, download, and print.

Intro to a New Life in Jesus - Lesson

Ephesians 1 of 2 - Lesson

Ephesians 2 of 2 - Lesson

Galatians - Lesson

General Articles