Minister in the Pod

Lindsey State Jail
Jacksboro, Texas

Lindsey State Jail, Jacksboro Texas is a TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice) facility. It houses approximately 1,000 inmates in dormitory style housing, 48 inmates per dorm (known as Pods). Each pod has inside it, showers, restrooms, tables and chairs for all, where they eat meals and do studies. They have two outside “rec” breaks, one hour in the morning, one in the afternoon.

At Lindsey, we have two dorms that are designated “Faith” pods. Any inmate at Lindsey can submit a request to the Chaplain to be moved into one of these pods. Through an interview process the Chaplain makes a decision to move or not move an inmate into one of these pods.

The Chaplain and TDCJ depends on volunteers from the outside to come in and teach classes in these faith pods. Because of the geographical locations of Jacksboro, this facility has a much harder time recruiting volunteers then the facilities closer to major metropolitan areas.

Most Prison Ministries that are common to a lot of us are Ministries that may go into a prison 2-3 time a year, or even once a month, put on a special program either in a prison Chapel (if they have one), or gymnasium where the “general population” of the prison is invited.

Minister in the Pod is different. It an opportunity to actually go inside a locked cell (pod) with 40-48 men, just you and them and tell them about Jesus. Get to know them as individuals, pray with them, encourage them, watch them grow in love through an understanding of the Word. If you want to have a Bible discussion like none you have ever had, this is for you.

The need right now is to find two or three men that could rotate every other, or third week, for a 1-1/2-hour class. These classes usually start between 8-9am, during the week. The curriculum is provided and is easy to follow.

Best way to find out if it’s a fit for you. I go to each Pod on a weekly basis, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. I invite you come with me for a session. See what it’s like, no obligation. I’m usually back before 11 am.

In His service

Mike Conner

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