How Long Were the Israelites in Bondage in Egypt Before the Exodus to the Promise Land?

Family Lineage - Levi to Moses
(Exodus 6:16-20)

Jacob moved to Paddan-aram, has 11 sons including Levi and one daughter.
(Genesis 28:2)

Born - Genesis 29:34
he lived 137 yrs
Had three sons

Jacob leaves Paddan-aram with his whole family and moves back to the land of Canaan and lived in the city of Shechem.
(Genesis 33:18-20)

Levi has three sons while he is living in Shechem.

Jacob leaves Shechem and moves his whole family to Bethel (Luz), the land of Canaan.

Because of the famine in the land Jacob moves to Egypt with all his sons and grandsons including Kohath.
(Genesis 46:8-11)

Grandsons of Levi (below)
First desendents of Levi born in Egypt.

Kohath, Levi son has three sons
(First from the tribe of Levi to be born in Egypt.)

This makes Amram, Aaron and Moses father the first desendents of Levi born in Egypt.

When did the 400 years start in Genesis 15:13?

When did the 430 years start in Exodus 12:40-41

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