Bible Correspondence Fellowship

This is a Mentoring Ministry

(Our Biggest Need!)
Looking for Christian believers that have a strong desire to spread the gospel by going over these Bible Correspondence Lessons once our students have completed them and mailed back to us. This can all be done in the comfort of your own home. Time requirement is as little as 30 minutes per week, to several hours per week. We have completed answer sheets for all lesson in the main five Bible versions.

Our Mission:

BCF offers a series of Bible lessons as a mailed correspondence course to incarcerated men and women. These lesson are usually 12 pages each, based on the 13 letters that the apostle Paul wrote. We have a total of 26 lessons starting with an introduction lesson titled “Intro to a New Life in Jesus”. As a student completes a lesson he or she mails it back to us with a provided envelope with a prepaid stamp on it. Once we receive the lesson we go through it making any needed adjustments (we do not consider this “grading”).

Once we finish, we mail that lesson back, along with the next lesson. We also mail back different Bible study booklets and various Bible bookmarks. Also in the packet is a “sign-up” card that the student can give to a friend that may want to get involved. We award a half- way point “Certificate”, as well as a “Certificate of Completion”.

Promoting the Bible Course:
We start by distributing a 4” X 6” “sign-up” cards that have a brief explanation about the course with a place to write their name, ID#, Facility/Unit, and Location. It also has a permitted printed stamp on it so it’s completely free to mail. We presently have these at Lindsey State Jail in Jacksboro Texas, Palo Pinto County Jail, and Parker County Jail.

About the Lessons:
Several years ago while looking for prison ministry teaching material I discovered Prison Mission Association. They had entered into a partnership with Berean Bible Institute, a Bible college in Slinger, Wisconsin, to develop all these lessons. After calling Prison Mission Association, introducing myself and explaining what all I did they emailed me all the lessons and resources they had and gave me permission to use them for this ministry. The best part about these lesson (with a little adjustment) is; they work well across all major Bible versions, which is big because the majority of the questions answers come directly from scripture. 90% of our students are using either; NKJV, NLT, ESV, NIV, or KJV. A good example question would be: (John 6:67-69) Who was Jesus according to Peter in verse 69? All five of the versions mentioned say the same thing, but use a little different wording.

We started January 2021 by distributing the “Intro to a New Life in Jesus” lesson with a one paragraph explanation heading with a return address that they could return once completed. That produced about 12-15 students. We then introduced the “Sign-up” card with the stamp on it around mid-March and soon jumped to over 50 students. As the prison system moves these inmates around to different units (location), and the fact that we always mail back extra “Sign-up” cards so they can give to friends, we are now in 12 different prisons with over 125 students that have signed up. We presently have about 80 active students. We view that as a good retention rate considering that the system DOES NOT always forward these mailings if they move them to a new location, or when they get released.

How YOU can get started:
We need individuals or groups that are looking for a way to spread the Gospel. We do this through a Bible Correspondence Course mailed to incarcerated men and women.

We go over ‘Completed Bible Lessons’ from the course that was previously mailed to them, making notes or remarks on the lessons (we are not grading). After that, we mail the lesson back to them along with the next lesson and a packet.

Also looking for individuals or groups to help develop answer sheets for these lessons. We will need them in the five major Bible Translations that our students use: NIV, NLT, ESV, NKJV, and KJV.

Reason for Starting BCF:
Bible Correspondence Fellowship (BCF) was started as a way to keep the Gospel message front and center with incarcerated men after the Texas State and County Prison systems cut off all outside ministries due to COVID-19 in 2020.

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