What's happening in the Faith Pods at Lindsey State Jail.

Each week in the Faith Pods at Lindsey State Jail we do an in depth study of different chapters from the Bible. We start by the men doing a 17-20 question printed hand out. After praying over the lesson they read the chapter, then have small group discussion about the question(s) before answering it. The following week I go into the pod, have different men read each verse aloud and have a group discussion on:

  • What does it mean
  • What we think God is trying to tell us in that verse
  • How do we apply it to our daily lives

In 2019 we went through Acts, Romans, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy. We will start 2020 with Ephesians.

January 7th, Pod F3C – Ephesians Chapter 1, Discussions
January 8th, Pod F3B – Ephesians Chapter 1, Discussions
(the men were given the hand out at last 2019 visit)

If you are interested in following along with us just CLICK on a Bible Book below.

Romans - 1 Timothy - 2 Timothy - Ephesians

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